IBEasy+ Installation Guide

To install IBEasy+ and avoid trouble, carefully read the following:

  • IBEasy+ installation script is made up of:
    IBEasy+, Firebird and Ace Oledb 12.0.
    All of those softwares are required.

    1- IBEasy+ is the main application

    2- Firebird is the DBMS.
    If Firebird is already installed on your system, be sure to read the note below.
    Very important:
    When installing Firebird, it is imperative to check the box "Generate GDS32.dll..." on the screen "Select Additional Tasks" of the Firebird installation script
    If this option is not checked during Firebird installation, launching IBEasy+ will cause the following error message and IBEasy+ will close:
    "Gds32.dll doesn't seem to be installed. Please check your Firebird configuration"

    If this message appears, you must uninstall Firebird and reinstall it with the gds32.dll option enabled to use IBEasy+.
    -To use Firebird 4 new data types, you must modify firebird.conf file, and replace the line "#DataTypeCompatibility" with "DataTypeCompatibility = 3.0"
    -IBEasy+ uses Firebird's default port 3050. If you are using a different port, you must change the value in the "Options/Preferences" menu of IBEasy+.

    If you want to use Firebird embedded, check out the Firebird embedded guide.
    You must install the embedded X32 version of FireBird to use it with IBEasy+.
    To use Firebird 4 new data types, you must modify firebird.conf file as describe above.

    3- Ace Oledb 12.0 is needed to export/import data to/from Firebird to Microsoft Office: Excel, Access... 

  • Define a first user

    You can ignore this section if you are using Firebird embedded
    Once Firebird is installed, you can use IBEasy+. When you first use Firebird, the security database needs to be updated. Only the database admin "SYSDBA" can access a database.
    It is therefore recommended that, at least, one additional user be defined.

    For this, proceed as follows:
    -In IBEasy+ menu "Server/Users management", enter the admin password chosen when installing Firebird and set the user "IBEASY" password "ibeasyuser", or any username and password you want... 

  • IBEasy+ Shortcuts

    -To use IBEasy+ context-sensitive help press F1
    -To switch between IBEasy+ opened programs, press F2

  • Reporting issues
    For reporting issues with IBEasy+, please complete the form.

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