1- IBEasy+ design and development: Marc Grange

Release Notes
The software's first version can be traced back to the earliest version of Firebird in 2002. Different versions were then put online from 2002 to 2013 to end with version 1.5.4. A major update, version 2.0, was made in 2021. The software has been completely revised and fixed. Change compiler from Delphi 7 to Delphi 10.3 and rewrite a number of modules. All versions, starting with 2.0, support Firebird 3 and 4. The current version is 3.1.1, April 2024.

Description of the software
IBEasy+ is free of charge and suitable for both beginners and specialists. It facilitates the design and use of relational databases. The program contains:

  1. An integrated help module for database design which covers all the steps needed to build an "optimal" database.

    - Analysis of the documents.
    - Data dictionary construction with help (semantic analysis) to determine the semantic attachment category for each field in the document.
    - Relationships between categories.
    - Creation of the data diagram and generation of related tables.

  2. A visual database design module allowing to:
    -Visualize and update the diagram of an existing database. You can view the structure of the different tables and the referential integrity constraints that link them.
    -Visually build a database: insert tables and referential integrity constraints
  3. Easy and user-friendly access to the main features of FireBird, both in user and admin mode, with a set of specialized tools:

    -Specialized editors for: Tables, Views, Domains, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Indexes, Triggers, UDFs, UDRs, Generators, Exceptions.
    -SQL: Interactive mode (Expert) with history, visual mode (QBE: Query By Example),
    -Backup, restore, shutdown, and restart functionalities.
    -Grant manager
    -Export to Word, RTF, TXT, Excel, CSV, HTML, MS Access, SQL, XML, with Blobs support for SQL and XML.
    -Export of Interbase/Firebird databases to MS Access: tables, records, referential integrity constraints
    -Import of MS Access databases: tables, records, referential integrity constraints
    -Export/Import of FireBird databases to SQL with Blobs support
    -Import of Excel files into Firebird tables with Blobs support
    -Import of XML files into Firebird tables with Blobs support.
    -Expression generator and analyzer for fields calculated in QBE queries.
    -Form model designer to enter data in record mode
    -Management of database diagrams including saving of diagrams to GIF and JPEG files.
    --Blobs viewers and editors. Specialized editors for text, image, sound and video Blobs. Hexadecimal editor for other types of Blobs.

Database administration Database design
IBEasy+ main screen for Database administration IBEasy+ main screen for Database Design Module

IBEasy+ 3.1.1 (4/3/2024)
Release 3.1.1 fixes bugs in the installation of Microsoft Access Database Engine and in the export of Firebird tables with array fields to Ms Access and Excel.
Minor bug fixes.
Release 3.1
-Support for Bulgarian (Cyrillic) and Japanese (Unicode).
-Support for Firebird 5.
-Improved error messages in the SQL scripting module.
-The database's SQL export module has been modified to take into account IBEasy+ tables.
-Corrected the problem of results being displayed when running stored procedures.
-SQL export, comments are only generated for Firebird versions greater than or equal to 3.
-A lot of modules updated and fixed. Among others: Blobs viewer and editor, Form designer, Data entries for tables, Exports, Data Dictionary, QBE...
-New UDR management module.

Windows 7-8-10-11
NotesRelease Date
IBEasy+ 3.1.1 (Full)Recommended
Contains all the programs needed to run the software
Size:47,2 MB
Sha-256 : 1F3E3AA3355DAFF440B5C37C8C02D8DA0C98D8A839FA130A8AB58FEB999E70AF
IBEasy+ 3.1.1 (Only)For experienced users only
If necessary, you can download Firebird and Microsoft Access Database Engine separately. See the links below.
Size: 7,3 MB
Sha-256 : 439E7D4B9122D9C1E5E720C184709C9229A908BA74ECDE20586A6750A6C02F52
Firebird Site 1
Firebird Site 2
IBPhoenix (Firebird Distributions)
Microsoft Access Database EngineYou must download the 32-bit version. If you encounter installation issues, check IBEasy+ installation guide.