1- IBEasy+ design and development: Marc Grange

Release Notes
The first version of the software dates back to 2002. Different versions were then put online from 2002 to 2013 to end with version 1.5.4. A major update, version 2.0, was made in 2021. The software has been completely revised and fixed. Change compiler from Delphi 7 to Delphi 10.3 and rewrite a number of modules. All versions, starting with 2.0, support Firebird 3 and 4. The current one is 3.0, September 2023.

Description of the software
IBEasy+ is free of charge and suitable for both beginners and specialists. It facilitates the design and use of relational databases. The program contains:

  1. An integrated help module for database design which covers all the steps needed to build an "optimal" database.

    - Analysis of the documents.
    - Data dictionary construction with help (semantic analysis) to determine the semantic attachment category for each field in the document.
    - Relationships between categories.
    - Creation of the data diagram and generation of related tables.

  2. A visual database design module allowing to:
    -Visualize and update the diagram of an existing database. You can view the structure of the different tables and the referential integrity constraints that link them.
    -Visually build a database: insert tables and referential integrity constraints
  3. Easy and user-friendly access to the main features of FireBird, both in user and admin mode, with a set of specialized tools:

    -Specialized editors for: Tables, Views, Domains, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Indexes, Triggers, UDFs, Generators, Exceptions.
    -SQL: Interactive mode (Expert) with history, visual mode (QBE: Query By Example),
    -Backup, restore, shutdown, and restart functionalities.
    -Grant manager
    -Export to Word, RTF, TXT, Excel, CSV, SYLK, DIF, HTML, MS Access, SQL, XML, with Blobs support for SQL and XML.
    -Export of Interbase/Firebird databases to MS Access: tables, records, referential integrity constraints
    -Import of MS Access databases: tables, records, referential integrity constraints
    -Export/Import of FireBird databases to SQL with Blobs support
    -Import of Excel files into Firebird tables with Blobs support
    -Import of XML files into Firebird tables with Blobs support.
    -Expression generator and analyzer for fields calculated in QBE queries.
    -Form model designer to enter data in record mode
    -Management of database diagrams including saving of diagrams to GIF and JPEG files.
    --Blobs viewers and editors. Specialized editors for text (including RTF files), image, sound and video Blobs. Hexadecimal editor for other types of Blobs.

Database administration Database design

Download IBEasy+ 3.0
: 9/3/2023 (Windows 7-8-10) New release! 
Sha-256: AD48521B285028A221A510B43355C4B5FAA634CBCABD38D0FC35C0920792F373

This version is a major release: Replacement of Interbase-specific components (gds32.dll) with new components. All modules have been reviewed and many bugs fixed.
Revision of the design module, the circular reference search module, improved stability...

Please read IBEasy+ installation guide carefully before installing the software.

2- FireBird

IBEasy uses Firebird as a SQL server. It is therefore essential to install FireBird as a prerequisite for using IBEasy.
For more detailed information about Firebird, check out the official website.

Download Firebird alone.