SQL: Summary exercises

To address the different questions or obtain answers, perform the following steps:

To treat a question To have an answer
1-Select the question
2-Enter your SQL query
3-Click on "Execute"
1-Select the question
2-Click on "Answer"
3-Click on "Execute"

Note to English Readers: The value of a string attribute must be written in French. To view the actual content of string attributes, use the command:

SELECT Attribute_name FROM Name_of_the_table;

Using the STUDENTS database, defined in the column DB design, write the SQL queries in order to answer the following questions.

Display which was the average age of both men and women on January 1, 2000.
Show the name and rank of the history teachers.
Display the names and number of students without sociology notes.
Display the name and the coefficient of the subjects taught by Senior Lecturers (MCF) or Assistants (ASS).
Display for each student (name and number), in alphabetical order, the average they obtain in each subject.
Display the name, age and gender of the students who scored above the class average.
Display, for each student (name and number) who has a mark in each subject, the average he obtained the diploma.
Display the name, rank and seniority of the teachers who teach more than one subject.
Display the number of men and the number of women who completed the diploma: average mark > = 10.
Show the name, number and gender of students who have a grade in data processing higher than their math grade.
E11 :
Display the names of the couples, one man and one woman, whose age difference does not exceed 6 months (180 days).
E12 :
For students who do not have a grade on a subject, Show the number of the student and the name of the subject concerned.
E13 :
Display topics in which the average score is less than 10. Also display the name of the respective teacher.
E14 :
Show, for each subject, who is the highest grade and who is the student who got it.
E15 :
Display, for each gender (Male, Female), the average of the notes on the topic taught by Julie Boyer.

Selected query:

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